App: Time to exercise
App: Time to exercise

It's all your choice

In Self mode, select a specific time and the program will call you only at that time.

In Auto modes, simply choose start hour, end hour and interval. The program will call you repeatedly based on your setup.

App: Time to exercise

Animated Image + Exciting Music

With blue running man on your screen and lively background music, the program is designed to motivate you to stand up and exercise! exercise!

App: Time to exercise

It Couldn't be easier

With save/load functionality, all you need is one click, and the program will safely save your preference. Next time you open this app, simply click load in auto-select mode.

Don't hesitate, download now and have a healthier lifestyle!

Mac OS X version

Windows version


Time To Exercise is a simple and useful timing tool for PCs, with fresh UI design and user friendly functions. It is distributable for both MAC OS X and WINDOWS!

What's New in Version beta 1.0.1

As you can imagine, everything is new for this nascent version!

Technical details includes:

* Based on python Tkinter GUI.

* Use multi threading to allow the program to play music and display image simultaneously

* Use PIL module to display gif image and pyaudio to play wav file

* Use python IO package to read from file and write to file

* Use py2app, py2exe to convert .py file to standalone application

* Compressed .zip and .tgz file, light and portable!